Volunteer Staff Information

We are accepting applications for volunteers until 8/24(sun)!

Pycon JP 2014 Volunteer staff time limit for applying is 8/24 (Sun.).

There is no collection of the staff of only the day this time.

It is referring to the following for details.

PyCon JP 2014 is organized and run by volunteers of in the Japanese Python community. Won't you join us and make PyCon JP a great experience? You can volunteer as much or as little as you can. Please sign up!

Since most organization is done by Japanese staff members, we do ask that you have some ability and willingness to communicate in Japanese.

Staff Information

We are looking for volunteer staff for the following teams.

  • Program
    • This team handles creating the event theme, setting up the Keynote, as well as deciding on Talk Sessions and schedule.
  • Venue
    • The venue team handles deciding on the venue, communicating and resolving issues with the venue, handling operations such as network equipment etc.
  • Media/PR
    • The media team handles PR, and communications with the community and world at large. We give lightning talks about PyCon JP, handle the website, and guestbook application contents for the event.
  • Admin
    • The Admin staff handles internal communication between teams, accounting, and other miscellaneous tasks.

As a volunteer staff member you will be talking with the team leader and sub-leader for your respective team.

Even if you aren't given tasks to do, we certainly value your input and suggestions. We would like to make PyCon JP 2014 the best PyCon JP ever so please let us know your ideas!

The number of team meetings varies from team to team but we are currently trying to organize online as much as possible.

Staff Volunteer Time

You can volunteer as many or as few hours as you like. We welcome those who would like to spend as much time as is possible helping out, as well as those who may have many other obligations and cannot volunteer as much time.

We also have a "staff work day" every month where staff can get together and work through issues quickly.

Remote Communication

You can volunteer from anywhere you have an internet connection.

We use Slack as a chat communication tool and JIRA for task management. You can do almost any kind of volunteer work without regard for location.

Join Us!

The "staff work day" held every month is open to anyone, even those who are not currently staff members. It is a great way to get accustomed to how we work, and how much and where you might be able to volunteer your time.

We have an event page on connpass so you can see when our next staff work day is and register to attend.

Send Us Your Contact Info

Please use the PyCon JP 2014 Volunteer form to give us your information. You will be contacted by a staff person a short time later.