Financial Aid

Registration for PyCon JP 2014 Financial Aid is closed.

The payment will be proceeded on 9/14 in 12:00-16:00 at the reception desk 3th floor. Please offer reception desk . *If do after it , we cannot pay. *

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This support is for a long distant participants to come to PyCon JP to not to for not hesitating because of travel cost.


The total amount of travel cost to assume 50,000 JPY(about 500 USD) the upper limit. Head-count is 3 - 5 people. Deadline is July 10 2014 (When re-scheduling, will be announced on this page).

※ Do not forget to bring the receipt or something similar to verify the fare for round trip. We will provide you the appropriate amount within the upper limit.For more information we will contact you individually.

※ The hotel charges, PyCon JP ticket fee(this time Party fee included) and etc are not inclu


Who comes from a long distance (domestic or from abroad.Will be judged by PyCon JP 2014 management team) When there is more applicants then expected, people from a longer distance, students will have a higher priority to be selected. We will contact you individually for the result around end of July.

※ People under the age of 18 will require an approval from their parents.

What do you need?

Proposal for support (Examples)

Please enter your appeal message in the comments field, it will be an advantage for selection.

  • low-income student
  • Session speaker or Poster session or Lightning Talk speaker(planned)
  • I announce(d) PyCon JP in event or web site
  • Activity in the Python community
  • I attend with three days of PyCon JP conference, Party and Development Sprint