Job Fair

"Let’s know about other JOBs!! Exclusive backstage talks on development”

This program provides an opportunity for companies and individuals to meet and talk about their works in an informal setting. This year’s theme is “development environment”, and we will answer questions such as: - How do the companies choose the recent technologies? - Are they using agile development and how? - What is the policy for engineering and technologies? The CTOs from various companies and Mr. Ito, the cheif editor of @type (a recruiting web site in Japan), will host a panel discussion to reveal the backstage talks and exclusive information about development along with some lightning talks. Many of the contents will be useful also in your office immediately from tomorrow. This program runs simultaneously with the poster session. You only need a conference ticket to join.


To facilitate the communication between the hiring companies and job-seeking individuals, and to deepen relationship between them by sharing the information about working environments.

Date & Time

Day 2 10:40 - 12:40

  • Panel discussion: 10:50 to 11:20 (about 30 min)
  • LT (Lightning talk): 11:20~ (3 min for each company)
  • Meet-up: Till the closing (12:40)


Media Hall