Sunday 1 p.m.–1:30 p.m.

Oktavia - Search Engine (en)

Yoshiki Shibukawa

Audience level:
Documentation / ドキュメンテーション


Oktavia is a full text search engine designed for browsers. In this session, I will describe Oktavia's algorithm, structure, future plan.


Oktavia is a full text search engine. It uses FM-index as an algorithm and can use for eastern Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) without analyzing natural language syntax and using word dictionaries. At first, I will describe an outline of Oktavia, including indexer, search program, different between JSX implementation and Python implementation. And then, I talk about algorithm, FM-index. But the search engine it uses only FM-index is not useful. Oktavia uses some NLP technique to improve usability. And then I will describe a future plan of Oktavia. Oktavia is a working project.