Minefield Mahjong

Paweł Marczewski

Audience level:
Game Programming / ゲームプログラミング


I'm a big fan of Riichi Mahjong (リーチ麻雀), as well as Python. I would like to present a project I have been developing with some friends - a Python and HTML5-based game of two-player Minefield Mahjong (地雷ゲーム).


Minefield Mahjong is a simple but exciting two-player game based on Riichi Mahjong (リーチ麻雀), described in the カイジ comics. We decided to implement a web version of the game. During our application's development, we learned a lot about WebSockets, developing client-server applications in Python and Javascript, and unit testing. We were also able to implement a neat game engine, including simplified Riichi scoring rules, and a game-playing bot. Here is a [preview version of the game][1]. [1]: http://pwmarcz.pl/minefield/index.html