Gandi Cloud API's

Thomas Kuiper

Audience level:
Cloud Services / クラウドサービス


Everything is done through the Gandi Python API: - Create a contact for use with the domain name. - Check for the availability of a domain name - Register this domain name with previously created contact - Create a PaaS instance using the Gandi API - Deploy a CMS to the PaaS instance - Modify zone records of the domain name zones


Gandi API's is for developers who like to build their own systems to register and manage domain names and/or dynamically launch and control Python based cloud instances. Learn how to use the Gandi API to register a domain (including availability check) and how to easily deploy a CMS or Python application using Gandi's PaaS API. Reference documentation to Gandi's PaaS API: Reference documentation for Gandi's Domain API: Reference documentation for Gandi's Contact management API (necessary to register a domain): Gandi's PaaS offering: ![][1] [1]: