What is the theme of PyCon JP 2017

Output & Follow

History of PyCon JP 2017 theme decision

Last year, since November 2016 staff of PyCon JP 2017 opened the whole MTG in November, December, January and have been discussing the theme of PyCon JP 2017 and the purpose of holding it.

The chairperson of the PyCon JP 2017 is changed and we have lots of new stuff members. Therefore, starting with confirmation of PyCon JP's stakeholder model, value analysis model, value design model examined at PyCon JP 2016 at the whole MTG. And we picked up the idea of PyCon JP 2017 in the staff and presented multiple concept ideas.

I also reconfirmed the concepts and themes up to PyCon JP 2016 and studied what kind of concept is good.

And we also asked staff about the theme proposal and voted in the staff. However, as for the theme, the theme was not the theme that the most votes were actually taken.

Many concept drafts came up when considering the concept, Concepts such as "dialogue among participants", "spreading", "connecting" are highly evaluated within the staff, and "Output & Follow", which is the most appropriate theme plan, is concrete and decided on the idea that it matches Did.

How to use the theme of PyCon JP 2017

Based on this theme, all the staff will do talk and plan selection.

PyCon JP is a conference where Python users, or people interested in Python, gather to learn from each other and meet other members of the community.

We hope that everyone joining PyCon JP will not only learn new and exciting things, but also meet new friends and strengthen the connection with the community, and thus the community itself.

Actually creating PyCon JP 2017 is not only the staff but also the "Output & Follow" of the speaker, the sponsor, each participant, and others.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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