Open Space

Open Spaces are a place that attendees can use freely to give presentations, hands-on teaching, meetings, discussions or anything else you can think of that fits the conference.

There will be an Open Spaces board in front of the reception desk where you can announce your Open Spaces or find interesting Open Spaces sessions to attend.

There’s a good chance that there will be interesting topics covered at the Open Spaces that did not fit into our talk schedule.


Sep 9th, 10:40-17:00


Room F, 3rd floor

Time and place are subject to change.


  • Please do not eat or drink in the Open Spaces room.
  • The PCs and other equipment in the Open Spaces room cannot be used.

To those considering making use of Open Spaces:

It’s both okay to organize an Open Space session on the spot as well as preparing something in advance. Please make good use of this opportunity!

How to register:

Please use the board in front of the reception desk to announce your Open Space session.

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