As the tradition of PyCon, sprint event will never be missed out.

This year, we will hold the sprint event on 9/10 (Sun)!

Registration for Sprint is necessary.

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Sprint is the event for the short term and centralized software developments. Some people call it as Hack-a-thon or developing meet up. It is a great opportunity for those who are interested and passionate about the developments in a group. We can have a great discussion, communication or development together. Therefore, please catch this wonderful opportunity to share your idea and let's make a good thing done!

Sprint Theme

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Theme of Sprint is below:

Theme of Pycon JP 2017 Sprint

Date and Time

  • 2017/9/10 (Sun) 10:30-18:00


  • Microsoft Japan (2-16-3 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075 108-0075 Japan)

Qualification for Attending Sprint

Everyone is welcome to attend Sprint (Ticket for PyCon JP 2017 Conference is needless). Please bring your own note pc, chargers and anything you need with the developments

Frequent Questions and Answers

Q: What is Sprint?

A: Sprint is the event for short term and centralized software developments. The attendees can join the section which he/she is interested and then feel free to carry out the development.

Q: What should I do

A: You can do anything you want or join others section to have a group development. We recommend you to contact lots of intelligent people to make a great thing done.

Q: What is the qualification and requirements for attending Sprint?

A: Everyone is welcome to attend Sprint. It is totally free and ticket for PyCon JP 2017 Conference is needless. But, you have to bring everything you need to carry out the development such note pc or tablets.

Q: Can I attend Sprint even if I do not attend PyCon JP 2017 Conference?

A: Sure!. Everyone can attend Sprint no matter he/she attend PyCon JP 2017 Conference or not.

Q: I am the Python beginners. Can I attend Sprint?

A: Of course you can attend Sprint. Do worry about you are the beginner. You can attend Sprint only if you want. Besides, we also have great tutorials about python programming, which is also a great start for you.

Q: What is the qualification and the requirements to be the leader?

A: It requires nothing to be the leader. If you want to make Python community more interesting. If you want to contribute to Python community. Or if you just want to share your idea. Then you are the best leader candidate and please take it.

Q: May I join the section more than one?

A: If you are interested in everything. If there are lost of thing you want to do. You can consult the leaders of each group with this kind of inquiry.

Q: Do you provide lunch or dinner

A: I am sorry for that we DO NOT provide lunch and dinner. However, is it a good chance that having lunch and dinner with your team members?

Q: May I have food in Sprint venue

A: Sure. You can have light meals or snacks in Sprint venue. I believe that can help you during the developments. But, we also hope you can keep the venue clean. Thank you for you cooperation.

Q: May I enter or leave Sprint venue after it begins?

A: Sure. But it is your kindness to keep quite when you enter/leave after Sprint begins.

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