The Benefits of Sponsorship

Why be a sponsor

PyCon JP is the largest annual gathering for the community using and developing the open-source Python programming language in Japan. PyCon JP 2017 provides various sponsoring packages that will fulfill your business needs. If you are interested in sponsoring PyCon JP, please apply from link below.

It's the sponsoring companies which make this conference possible. Support money will be used for below.

  • Rent conference space
  • Accommodation fee for guest speakers
  • Video streaming, recording, and translation
  • Lunch, dining and goods for audience
  • Financial aid for foreigners

Benefits of being a sponsor


For companies using Python, PyCon JP is the best place to find Python developers in over 600 of attendees. The topics of AI and Big Data are booming so that the attention to Python is also increasing recently. Having a booth can help your recruiting activities.


It's a great chance to advertise your products and introduce detailed usages directly to Python engineers and Python users. Specifically, it is possible to have more interaction to participants by having a booth and directly explaining, having a talk session, and by distributing leaflets and goods.


It is an opportunity to appeal that your company is technology-oriented organization. The posting of the logo will be recorded by movie and will be broadcasted on the web-media afterwards, leading to branding of the company and products. Continuous exposure of names and logos of companies, products, and services can generate many merits even after this conference, such as appeal to participants, topicality and exciting experience.


  • Sponsoring can show your gratitude for Python community.
  • It's one of CSR activity that supports technology companies and engineers community.

Why not support the further spreading of Python community and the activities of engineers through sponsorship to PyCon JP ? Companies and organizations sponsoring this conference can post the PyCon JP 2017 Logo on your website or your company's press release. However, please state the sponsor level on it. (ex: Sponsoring PyCon JP 2017 as ** Level)

Sponsorship Application

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