Community Booths

Community booths are a space where you can learn about various communities related to Python and interact with their members.

There are many different communities in the wider Python ecosystem, and by connecting various people of different backgrounds, we believe the Python community as a whole can become stronger and more interesting.

On the conference day, we will provide a space where you can freely communicate in a relaxed and casual way. That way everybody can learn about all kinds of communities. Even if you haven’t participated in a community so far, we highly recommend you check out our community booth corner!

Date: Sep 8th (Fri), 12:00-13:30, Sep 9th (Sat) 12:00-13:30 Place: Room 201 (2nd floor)

(Date and place are subject to change)

To Python Communties

Once again this year at PyCon JP 2017, we will provide space for community booths. It will be a space where you can communicate with attendees of various interests, skill levels and experiences, so please do make use of this opportunity. We hope that PyCon JP 2017 can become a place where communities and attendees can make new connections and discoveries.

How to participate

There is no need to apply in advance. Please use free space in the room during the time and place mentioned above. Should there be a lot of interest in community booths, we hope everyone can work together to provide enough space for everybody.

Other information

We will provide paper boards and markers. Please write the names of your community and the community members in attendance on them. (Please note that the location and available resources are subject to change). If you have any questions or requests, please contact the PyCon JP 2017 staff.

An example of a community booth

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