Sunday 3:35 p.m.–4:05 p.m.

Translation of Python Programs into non-English Languages for Learners without English Proficiency

Renyuan Lyu, YungHsin Kuo

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A set of 18 demo programs from Python Turtle module were translated into traditional Chinese (tc) to demonstrate semi-automatic translation of Python-3 programs into non-English languages. By this way, it is possible to generate many Python programs in learners' native languages to help younger learners without English proficiency learn Python more quickly.


In this project, a set of 18 turtle demo programs have been translated into traditional Chinese (tc) as an example to show the possibility to write Python code conveniently in a non-English language. In such a way, it will perhaps improve code clarity and readability for non-native English speakers, according to Python PEP 3131. In personal belief, this will definitely attract more people without English fluency to programming world. This project has been done by providing a full list of traditional Chinese alias which is coded in "" for the official python turtle module. In addition, a document file for on-line help functions is also provided. A viewer program is also provided to browse them for convenience. The whole set of programs can be found in Github at [][1] . A quick glance of demonstration can also be watched in Youtube at [][2]. The slides can be found here at [[][3]][4] [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]:
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