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Hynek Schlawack


Hynek Schlawack is an infrastructure and software engineer from Berlin, Germany, PSF fellow, and contributor to a wide variety of open source projects including high-profile ones like Twisted, CPython, and various Python cryptography libraries like pyOpenSSL.

Currently, he works at a small Potsdam-based ISP called Variomedia AG redoing its infrastructure with Python- and Go-based solutions.

His main areas of interest are security, networks, and solid software engineering.

Haruo SATO


Representative Director of BePROUD Inc

He founded BePROUD in May 2006, with his experience as a system engineer at an SIer (system integrator) and a freelancer. His company first adopted Python as an official programming language in April 2008 and has been employed it in 70+ projects since then.

In March 2012, he published “Python Professional Programming”: a book full of programming know-hows born from practice. The second, revised edition was released in February 2014 with the latest contents.

His day-to-day goal is to make his organization a better place for engineers.

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