Sunday 2:20 p.m.–2:50 p.m.

Writing Fast Code

Younggun Kim

Audience level:
High Performance Computing


Learn how do computer and Python work under the hood. Learn how to find out bottlenecks in your code and how to get rid of it with or without external library.


If you want to make your code run faster, it is important to understanding how computers (and also Python!) do work under the hood. By understanding this and having knowledge of good profiler, you can make your code run faster. This talk will introduce nice tools for the job. Using `dis` module, you can understand the workflow of Python code. Using various profiler (such as, `cProfile`, `line_profiler`, `profiling`), you can easily find bottlenecks in your code. Also covers how to gain more speed with or without external libraries. After that, you can write fast code. Even you can write your fast code faster.
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