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A peek into Pyglet - the interactive GUI library for Python(en)


Avi Aryan

Audience level:



GUI Programming


Pyglet is an open source, object-oriented, event-driven, cross-platform, windowing and multimedia library for Python which helps to create games and GUI applications. Its features include full multimedia support, mouse and keyboard hooks, OpenGL extensibility and much more. Attend this talk to learn how Pyglet can simplify your GUI and Game programming experience.


In this talk, the audience will learn the following things. 1. Scope of current GUI libraries in Python. 2. Good basic knowledge of Pyglet library. This will enable them to create their next GUI game in minutes.


Do you find building GUIs in Python difficult? Games are certainly impossible, right? Well worry no more, meet **Pyglet**, the object-oriented, event-driven, cross-platform, windowing and multimedia library for Python. It can be used to create games and other visually rich applications. And that too without depending on external dependencies like Qt, GTK+ or Tk. Just `pip install pyglet`, include it in your project and you are good to go. It also has good multimedia support featuring videos, audios and images. So whatever the interface you have in mind, Pyglet can create it. But wait, don't be fooled by its simplicity. Pyglet is very modular and is built using OpenGL under the hood. It comes with mouse and keyboard hooks and has an asynchronous event framework. So it is a simple as well as powerful tool for your next interactive GUI project. Attend this talk to learn more about Pyglet and its goodness.
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