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A Django Tale (en)


Raju Koushik Gorantla

Audience level:



Web Frameworks


Django is a high-level python framework which encourages rapid development, clean and pragmatic design focusing on automation which is widely supported with many deployment options. The talk would be all about a tale of building a budding crowd sourcing platform which was built using the Django framework.


The attendees would get close to the Django framework and know the use cases of the framework. Along with this they would know about a crowd sourcing platform which was built using Django.


Developers are constantly searching for the best. They seek the best language to code in, the best tools to use, and they are always looking for what is at the forefront of development. Django as the web framework of your project is the best way to turn your idea into business reality. Perhaps you’ve heard of Instagram, Pinterest, Disqus, OpenStack and BitBucket that use the Django framework. **You could attend the talk to know more about Django, its applications and a tale of a crows sourcing platform built using Django.**
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