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Building a Customized Personal Assistant with Python(en)


Iskandar Setiadi

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What if we could combine bots, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and open source projects for building a personalized assistant in a simple way with Python? In this talk, we will discuss the infinite possibilities of personalized assistant features which could be developed for assisting daily lives.


The attendees should be able to build their own personalized assistant for assisting daily lives. In addition, the attendees will learn new insights of infinite possibilities in bots & artificial intelligence technology.


For a lot of people, personal assistant often sounds overkill and it often does not satisfy our daily necessities. But, what if, we can develop a customized personal assistant to make our life much easier? As a first-timer expatriate in non-English speaking country, I realized a simple personal assistant has a lot of merits. From learning new foreign language, receiving train status notification, and generating personal entertainment system, we can actually build them easily in Python. This talk will introduce how we can build them with available tools out there and how we can customize personal assistant based on our own daily activities. Project link on Github: [freedomofkeima/messenger-maid-chan]( Medium blog, featured in Chatbot's Life: [Building Personalized Maid Assistant for Dummies](
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