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Reactive Programming on AWS Lambda in Python(en)


Keith Yang

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Instead of common tutorials of Python Reactive Programming and AWS Lambda, fun, real coding practice, and benefits of "Reactive AWS Lambda" will be focused in this talk by discomposed actions in different aspects and tools, including serverless, functional programming, deployment, testing, debug, and activity/performance monitor. PyFunctional, RxPy, Zappa, and Apex will also be looked at.


As "Details Abstract" section below.


#### Objectives To paint the blueprint and show real use cases to audience for following perspectives: - How fun and pain Reactive Programming can be - The devil detail of "Reactive" - How fun and pain the serverless can be - The pitfalls of "Serverless" - How it looks like running Reactive Python on AWS Lambda - How to decide when it's good to apply these paradigms - How to dig in the detail of used paradigm on debug, test, development, and deployment.
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