Talk submissions

Why submit a talk?

PyCon JP is attended by about 700 participants of various backgrounds and skills. As such, talks of any technical level about any topic related to Python will find a captive audience.

If you ever thought about submitting a talk proposal but thought that your expertise might be lacking, keep in mind that there will be attendees who are just getting started in the topic you want to talk about or have never heard about it and could learn a lot from you. Please submit your talk proposal, we're confident you have interesting things to share with the community!

See How to submit a talk for information about how to submit a proposal. You can submit any number of proposals and tell your friends and coworkers to submit their proposals too!

What kind of talks were there in the past?

Please have a look at our previous schedules.

What is in it for me?

  • Opportunity to share your experience with other attendees
    • Other attendees might have dealt with similar topics and might have advice for you after your talk.
  • It will make it easier for you to talk to other attendees
    • Since other attendees will already be familiar with you thanks to your presentation, you will get a lot of opportunities to chat with them during the breaks.
  • There will be a video record of your talk
    • You can show people your talk after the conference. (If you are not comfortable with being recorded, please let us know)
  • Looks great on your resume
    • Having presented at a conference looks great on a resume!

How to submit a talk

  1. Please create an account on the PyCon JP 2017 website
  2. Create a speaker profile
  3. Submit a proposal

Submitted proposals are public. Feel free to share your proposal on social networks, as we will take the reaction on social network platforms into consideration when

List of submitted proposals

Advice for talk submissions

Main points

  • Write a detailed abstract This part of your proposal will be the most read. Introduce your talk proposal with concrete information. Please write more than just a single sentence.
  • Choose a good title This is probably the hardest part, but try to come up with a title that sounds interesting and makes it clear what your talk will be about.
  • Make the point of your talk clear Try to make it clear what your talk is about and distinguish yourself from other proposals about similar topics.
  • Submit early The earlier you submit, the longer you have for reviewers to give you feedback.

Extra help

When writing your proposal, try to keep the following points in mind.

  • What is my main topic? What do I want to talk about?
  • Who do I want to hear this talk?
  • What will my audience learn from my talk?
  • How much time should I allocate to each section of my talk?

The proposal will have to include the following items, please read below if you are unsure as to what to write in each section.

  • Title

    The title of your talk. Try to chose a title that will catch the attention of the attendees and expresses the contents of your talk.

  • Description/Abstract

    This will be read by the attendees selecting which talk to attend. You will be limited to 200 characters. A good general structure is:

    • I will talk about X.
    • Using X you can do Y.
    • I will introduce what I learned using X.
  • Target Audience

    Who is the target audience of your talk? People from all kinds of backgrounds will attend PyCon JP, among them, who is your main audience?

  • Purpose

    What will the audience learn from your talk?

  • Summary

    Please summarize your talk here. You may find it easier to write this section after preparing your slides/presentation.

Make sure to review your proposal before (and after) submitting it!

Talk selection

The talk proposals will be reviewed via a mailing list and reviewers might give you feedback about your talk proposal.

If your talk proposal gains buzz on social network, this will considered by the review team, so share your proposal!

After the review period, the PyCon JP program team will do the final selection in a meeting.

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