What is PyCon JP?

PyCon JP is a conference where Python users, or people interested in Python, gather to learn from each other and meet other members of the community. We hope that everyone joining PyCon JP will not only learn new and exciting things, but also meet new friends and strengthen the connection with the community, and thus the community itself.

This year, we chose "Everyone's different, all are wonderful." as our theme. The Pycon JP staff is continuing to work hard on making a conference that will allow everyone to have a great time and unlock new possibilities through Python.

We are planning a new event such as Invitation Talks in addition to the annual events such as Tutorials, Youth Coder Workshop and Job Fair.

The details are below. We hope you will enjoy it!

Invitation Talks

The purpose of Invitation Talks is to invite guest speakers to share their unique perspectives and provide opportunities for participants to expand their networks. This year, we will invite professor Hironori Washizaki who is head of Global Software Engineering Laboratory, Waseda University, Japan and Mr. Seiya Tokui is the lead developer of the deep learning framework, “Chainer”.

Please join us and enjoy discussion with these professionals in specialized field.

Youth Coder Workshop

We started this Youth Coder Workshop from 2015. Through this session, we hope all students ranging from elementary school to high school to try and enjoy Python. This year, we will use Python to make various “Computer Maps”.


This year we will have courses in areas such as “Python for beginners”, “Data Analysis”, “Deep Learning” and “Documentation”. In this year, it is not required to apply to PyCon JP 2016 to attend these courses.

Job Fair

Every year, we have a theme for the panel discussion. This year, we are considering themes such as “Product management during service development” and “Diversity in a development team”. We will announce the theme as soon as possible when the details are fixed.


Sprint is a software development event which is held during 9/23 - 9/24, the second half of PyCon JP 2016. The purpose of Sprint is to provide a networking opportunity for people who are interested in similar topics. It is like a hack-a-thon. Some people will suggest topics and then others will select which topics to join. Please enjoy!

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