Participants Information

Conference Registration

Conference registration will be on the ground floor during the morning of the first day, after that it will be moved to the first floor.

  • PyCon JP 2016 Speakers
Please register at the "Speakers Registration" booth. If are a sponsor or patron on top of being a speaker, please register here. For normal speakers, please provide your connpass registration confirmation. For sponsors, your business card will suffice. If you're a keynote or invited speaker, anything to check your name will be fine.
  • PyCon JP 2016 Sponsors (Diamond/Platinum/Gold/Silver/Media)
Please register at the "Sponsors Registration" booth. Please bring a business card for us to check your name and company affiliation.
  • PyCon JP 2016 Patrons
Please register at the "Sponsors Registration" booth.
  • Business/Personal/Student
Please provide your connpass registration confirmation.

Patrons, Business, Personal and Student ticket holders must provide their connpass registration number and username.

Student ticket holders must provide a valid student ID.


To access your connpass registration confirmation number, please access the URL below:

Venue Information

Venue Name

Waseda University, Nishi-Waseda Campus, Building 63

Note that Waseda University has two campuses. See the URL and map below to make sure you go to the right one. Please also refer to this campus map to find building 63.


Ookubo 3-4-1, Shinjuku, 169-0072 Tokyo, Japan


  • Just outside "Nishi-Waseda" station on the Fukutoshin line
  • 15 minutes walk from "Takadanobaba" station on the JR Yamanote line and Seibu line


早稲田大学 Map

How to get to the conference

  • 20th (Tue): Since it’s a weekday, you can enter from any entrance.
  • 21st (Wed): Like Tuesday.
  • 22nd (Thu): As it is a holiday, you can only enter through the main gate of the university.


On the 20th (Tue), registration is open from 9.30am. On the 21st (Wed) and 22nd (Thu), registration opens at 9am.

Registration is on the ground floor of the venue near the escalators.

Please bring a printout of your ticket, or show us your ticket page on your smartphone when registering.

Sponsors and speakers without tickets, please refer to the email we sent you.

If you cannot show a valid ticket, you may be refused entry.

Please note that there will be no ticket sales at PyCon JP 2016 and that we cannot refund cancellations.

Registration Information

When you register, you will receive:

  • Name tag
  • T-Shirt
  • Bag with stickers and goodies provided by our sponsors.


Receipts for conference tickets will only be issued in the afternoons of the conference days. Please not that no receipt can be issued to Personal ticket holders.

Name tags

Please wear your PyCon JP name tag (which you receive during registration) at all times while on the Waseda university campus.

Notes on photography

  • Conference staff will capture the conference on photographs.
  • Talks will be recorded.
  • Please note that some pictures will be used on our website.
  • Please be considerate of other attendees when taking pictures.


Power Supply
Please note that there is a limited number of power outlets available,
so please share them with the other attendees.
Wi-Fi will be available.
Information on how to connect to the Wi-Fi network will announced at the conference.
On the first day we will provide lunch boxes, on the second day there will be a buffet for lunch.
Lunch will be served on the ground floor until 2pm.
Halal and vegetarian food will be provided.
The university cafeteria will be open during the conference.
Please separate the garbage into recyclables.
Please use the hashtag #pyconjp when tweeting about the conference
There are the hashtag of each room.
Room 201: #pyconjp_201
Room 202: #pyconjp_202
Room 203: #pyconjp_203
Room 204: #pyconjp_204
Room 205: #pyconjp_205
3F E Room: #pyconjp_3E
3F ABC Room: #pyconjp_3ABC
Live broadcast
All talks will be broadcasted live on YouTube .
There may be some congestion during registration on the first day, so please come early if you can.

Conference Venue Map


Please check the map at to not get lost on the campus. Should you get lost anyway, please ask for help on the #pyconjp hashtag.

Campus Map







Program Schedule

  • Please refer to the schedule posted on our website and at the venue
  • You will receive a programme brochure when registering.
  • There may be sudden changes to the schedule due to cancellations or unforseen problems.
  • You don’t have to register to watch individual talks.
  • Seats during talks are first come, first serve. Should there be not enough seats, you may stand in the back.
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