Committee Meeting

The PyCon JP board will be holding a public meeting to gather feedback from the community.

  • Date: Sept. 22 (Thurs) 15:25 - 16:10 (during Open Space)
  • Location: 3F Room A


  • A report on activities over the last year
  • A report on the current status of the organization
  • An explanation of next year's planned activities
  • Other activities other than PyCon JP (mini PyCon JP, Python Boot Camp, support for other events)
  • Open discussion

Besides the management team for PyCon JP 2016 there is a legal entity for PyCon JP. We want to exchange ideas about how this the PyCon JP legal entity can change it's mission and activities to help grow the Python community. Please join us!

You can learn more about the PyCon JP legal entity and our efforts at our website:

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