Call for Proposals

We Are Looking for Topics in PyCon JP 2016

The biggest Python Festival in Japan, PyCon JP 2016 will be held in the 20th of September.

Our team is looking for a wide range of each topic which you would like to talk. The same as in the past, we are planing to have talk session(30minute or 45minute), poster session(booth style), Lighting talks(5minute) and more. Even if you are a python beginner, please do not hesitate to apply for it.

Application method

  1. Register your account on PyCon JP 2016 site
  2. Register presenter’s profile
  3. Propose your topic
  • Conference: From 21st Sep 2016 to 22nd of Sep 2016

Presentation session

  • Sunday 17th, Apr 2016: Collecting topics
  • Monday 13th, Jun 2016: Due date of collecting topic (extended deadline)
  • late Jun, 2016: topic announcement
  • late Jul, 2016: schedule and details announcement

Poster session

  • Sunday 12th, Jun 2016: Application available
  • Sunday 17th, Jul 2016: Application deadline
  • Sunday 7th, Aug 2016: topic announcement

Lightning talks

  • Lightning talks is held so far, we are thinking about application method now.

The sort of session

Talk session

Detailed information is on this page

Poster session

In this session, just not only using poster, you can also discuss about lots of topics. Every presenter will be given his/her own booth, and every participant can walk though the booth to find the topic which you will be interested.

Although this is called poster session, you do not have to bring poster. Moreover, this is not lecture, so you can talk and discuss deeply with many participants. It is an effective chance to introduce communities or products each other.

Please check details below

  • If you need a poster, please bring it.
  • The poster board size is 1132x1640. you can put A0 size paper on it.
  • We will not rent any properties like desks and Power supplies.

You can see the last latest conference held in last year on our HP.

The deadline of applications is 17th of Jul. We are really looking forward to receiving your application, do not miss it!

Application method

1, Sign up and log in this page, 2. Apply from dashboard page Please register your profile and submit your proposal.

From this year, all proposals will be uploaded on our web site, even if your proposal won’t be taken

We will see the attendee’s comments of each topic on web, however it is not related to the result.

This year’s theme

Our theme of this year is “Everyone’s different, all are wonderful”**

This theme was chosen, because we would like to find the possibility of Python or the people who are using python, and develop them.We would like you to share your idea about Python.We are looking for a lot of topics written below. we are also looking for different topics.

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