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Start Python Club: A Grass-Root Python Community from Tokyo since 2015(en)


Takeshi Akutsu

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A pair of a beginner and a master of Python launched a grass-root community, Start Python Club (SPC). While it opens a workshop every month, the number of the club members has exceeded 1000 during one year activity. Pythonistas from various levels and fields are attending the community workshops to exchange useful tips of Python. SPC wants to be a glue to bind Python freaks together.


It is important for learners to have mentors and colleagues to keep their motivations. SPC is working as a grass-root community of Python where people not only learn skills, but also exchange their friendships. You will know the role of small community to develop the large Python community.


### History Interested in data science and web technologies, I started to learn Python programming by myself in 2014. Using textbooks and online-courses, I had done self-learning for one year and got a certain level of skills. However, I got at a loss since I was not able to see the right way for practical use, and realized the limit of self-learning. Finally I found that it is necessary for learners to have mentors who help and colleagues who discuss with. It made me to launch a grass-root community with Dr. Shingo Tsuji, the author of a well-known textbook, “Python Start Book.” データサイエンスとウェブ技術に関心を持ち、私は2014年にPythonを独学で学び始めました。教科書やオンラインコースを使い、1年間勉強を続けて、ある程度のスキルを得ました。しかし実用に生かすにはどうしたらよいかわからず、途方に暮れ、独学の限界を感じました。そして学習者には教えを乞うメンターや一緒に議論する仲間が必要だと気付きました。そこで「Pythonスタートブック」の著者である辻真吾さんと一緒に、勉強会コミュニティを立ち上げました。 ### Vision We hope to develop a community where people come together from various fields and with various levels. And we want to have workshops that everyone can enjoy, especially beginners. We would like to support Python learners to keep up their motivation. If we can contribute to raise grass-root-level python programmers, it would enhance the Python community in Japan. SPCはいろいろなレベルの、いろいろな分野の人が集まるコミュニティを目指しています。とりわけ初心者にとってもわかりやすくて、楽しい勉強会を運営したいと考えています。私たちはPythonを学ぶ人たちのモチベーションを維持することを支援したいと考えています。もし草の根レベルのPythonプログラマが育てることに貢献できれば、日本のPythonコミュニティを強化できると考えています。 ### Contents People of various levels talk about various topics in the workshops. Sometime professionals talk about advanced topics such as data science, web frameworks, robotics, machine-learning, etc., and sometime beginner or intermediate persons talk about how to learn, troubleshooting, program codes that they made, etc. In order to make every attendees to enjoy the workshops, the SPC staffs are planning the program. 勉強会ではいろいろなレベルの人が、いろいろな話題について話します。専門のプロの方がデータサイエンス、ウェブアプリケーション、ロボティクス、機械学習など、先進的な話題を話すこともあれば、初心者や中級者に学習のコツやトラブルの解決方法を話してもらうこともあります。すべての参加者が楽しい時間を過ごせるように、SPCスタッフは一生懸命に、勉強会のプログラムを企画しています。 ### Value It is important for attendees to learn skills in our workshops, but it is more important to communicate with python freaks and exchange ideas. It is often said Python is a glue to bind various programming languages. On the other hand, we hope to make SPC a glue to bind people together. It will be a great value of SPC. 講演を聞いてPythonのスキルを学ぶことも重要ですが、Python好きな人々と交流して、いろいろと議論することはさらに重要です。Pythonはいろいろなプログラミング言語をつなげる糊(グルー)だと言われることがありますが、SPCは人と人をつなぐ糊(グルー)として価値を示したいと思います。 ### Website We have the community site on Connpass. [][1] [1]:
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